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The DSX40 DSX80 & the DSX160 NEC Phone Systems replace the DS1000/2000 phone system with more features, a PRI/T1 card is available for the DSX, the NEC DSX can be programmed via TCP/IP & USB, NEC DSX Phones are available in either black or white, a more affordable and expandable DSX40 that replaces the DS1000, The NEC DSX also supports a 16-port trunk card.


Although the NEC DS2000 has been discontinued many NEC DS2000 components are still available in new, refurbished, and used condition


The NEC DS1000/2000 has been replaced by the NEC DSX40/80/160 phone system.  We have replacement phones and expansion cards available.  Click Here for a list of all available hardware, phones, and cards for the DS1000/2000 phone system.

NEC Phone System Starter Kits

Finally!  Now you can purchase an NEC business phone system for a business at an affordable price.  We have a phone system with three phones for $749.00 to a phone system with 16 phones for $3459.00.  NEC systems include free technical support and free remote programming.

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NEC Aspire Phones & Cards

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Replacement phones and expansion cards are still available for the NEC Aspire phone systems.

NEC Electra Elite IPK Phone Phone System

Replacement phones and expansion cards are still available for the NEC Electra Elite and NEC Elite IPK phone systems.

NEC i Series Phones 28i 124i 384i 704i

NEC i Series Phones 24i 124i 384i 704i

E System Sales, Inc. provides all types of hardware and phones for the NEC or Nitsuko i Series NEC phone system.  Please call for availability and pricing.  800 619 9566

NEC Vanguard Voice Mail Systems


The Vanguard voice mail system can be purchased in configurations of 2, 4, 6 or 8 port depending on your needs.  All VANGUARD mail systems shipped loaded with 130 hours of voice mail storage and 200 mail boxes.  In addition VANGUARD systems have an internal 2400 baud switchable modem that is accessible from any voice mail port for off-site programming and maintenance.

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